He made us feel like he was building his own home

NJR Homes and Nick Rowe (the owner and principal) in particular did a brilliant job in building our home. Nick was with us for the whole journey from early conception and design through to completion. He focused on the details while never talking his eye off the main end game – which was the creation of a beautiful house for us to live in as our dream home. He was respectful and responsive, and always provided frank and valued advice, all along the way. He made us feel like he was building his own home, and putting all the care and attention into the job that that would entail.  He seemed to be permanently on-site! He managed his workforce, contractors and suppliers with respect and courtesy, while holding people to account when appropriate. The house is beautifully finished and blends into the streetscape and against the nature reserve at its rear in an eye-pleasing way. It is also very functional, with well-constructed living, sleeping and entertainment spaces. NJR Homes is entitled to consider this home to be a real showcase in its portfolio, and we consider it to be an excellent candidate for an award. We would be delighted to commend NJR Homes to future customers.