What should I do to start the process?

Give us a call, or email us. We’ll contact you to discuss what stage you are currently at in the process and how we can assist getting you to the next stage.

How long should my quotation take?

We aim to have a full quotation ready for you within two working weeks after receiving the relevant plans and documentations.

What will be included in my quotation?

The quotation provided to you is a comprehensive fixed price quotation which provides a high level of detail about the work to be undertaken. Our quotation includes the full scope of works required for your project which generally includes the approvals and certification works, through to completion.

Our quotation provides you with the transparency required to ensure that the work we have quoted will give you the result you are expecting.

We will meet with you in person to discuss the quotation in detail and explain some of the technical terms to ensure that you understand the quotation provided.

What type of contract do you use?

If you are happy to proceed with the quotation provided and would like to proceed with the works, you will be provided with an MBA approved Home Building Contract. We will meet with you in person to discuss the contract in further detail and agree upon the terms and conditions within the contract.

How long will my project take to complete?

The time taken to complete your project hinges on many factors, such as the size and scope of the works required. When we initially meet with you we can provide you with an estimated timeframe for the project, however firm dates will not be provided until the contract is signed. When you sign the contract you will be provided with a written schedule which will detail critical stages of the project, including the expected commencement and completion date.

Can we live in the house while work is happening?

Your ability to remain in the house while work is carried out will depend on the scope of works required, however in most renovations / extensions the owners do choose to remain living in their home. If you decide to remain in your home during the building process, we will work with your schedule to ensure that any work has minimal impact upon your lifestyle.

If it is not possible to remain in the house while work is being undertaken, we will liaise with you about relocating for a period of time, or the duration of the build.

Are we protected by insurance during construction?

NJR Homes has all the legislated insurance coverage that is required to undertake the building process in the ACT and NSW. We currently hold the following:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Housing Indemnity Insurance
  • Home Warranty Insurance

What if I don’t already have plans?

No problem. We can work with you and our preferred draftsman / architects to come up with a design that meets your budget and your requirements.

How do I know that the work you do meets current building regulations and standards?

We hold a current builders Licence and only employ local, qualified and licensed professionals to undertake work. During the building process, the works we complete are checked by qualified building certifiers and engineers. During the construction process we can provide you with a copy of each inspection approval confirming that the work completed has met the relevant requirements and at the completion of the project you will be provided with a ‘certificate of occupancy’ which is issued by the relevant state authority upon satisfactory completion of the building works.

Can I choose my own products and finishes?

Yes!! As custom builders we provide you with the freedom of making your home exactly how you want and to include the products and finishes you choose! While we do have some preferred suppliers and brands (a listing of which can be provided to you), you are not restricted to particular brands or models stipulated by us.

If you are not interested in choosing the fixtures and finishing’s of your home, we can use our standard inclusions.