Knockdown Rebuilds


A knock-down rebuild is a great solution if you want a brand new home in your existing location, but want a design so different from your existing home that it can’t be achieved by a renovation. This option is becoming more popular as it can sometimes be more cost effective than a full renovation of an existing home.

We understand that a knock-down rebuild decision usually requires a larger commitment from a client because it requires demolishing and removing the existing home, conducting site works and then building the new home. We can take you step by step through the entire process, from the design and approval phase through to the demolition and rebuild stage. Having the whole project coordinated from a central point means each stage is run efficiently and there is a central point of contact for the overall project. 

Once we have determined the overall vision you have for your new home and have received a copy of the relevant plans, we will then provide you with a quotation for the works required.  We will meet with you in person to discuss the quotation in detail and provide you with further information on how to proceed.